Critical Chain Project Management

Using Theory of Constraints CCPM Consulting increases your project speed and predictability for a competitive advantage.
We use Theory of Constraints Drum-Buffer-Rope to increase manufacturing speed and predictability for a competitive advantage

Get More Done!

With our Project Consulting Methods projects have a 25 – 50% shorter duration, are under budget, full scope and are 95+% on time. Our Manufacturing Management process has created 70% shorter lead times, 49% less inventory, and a 44% higher due-date-performance.

Lighten Your Load

Executive bandwidth is limited. Reduce the demands for your attention, so that you can focus on the important things. Decision-making should aim at the goals of the organization. Our tools provide powerful communication and synchronization at all levels so that decisions make sense to everyone.

How long will it take?

By implementing our Consulting Methods you will see significant results in a few months, probably in a few weeks. It pays for itself almost immediately.

Are you satisfied with what you have?

Think about the impact to your bottom line when throughput doubles and operating expenses don’t change. Call CCPM Consulting at 425-923-5750 and find out how we can help your projects and operations.